Month: November 2020

How to grow as a HACKER // ft. NahamSec (a hacker)

Do you want to become a HACKER? Meet NahamSec, a REAL hacker who specializes in the magical world of Bug Bounties……people become MILLIONAIRES doing this!! 🔥Resources for BEGINNER BUG BOUNTY hunters: FOLLOW NahamSec ————————————————— -Twitter: -YouTube: @Nahamsec...

/ November 30, 2020

Detectify security updates for November 30

Our Crowdsource ethical hacker community has been busy sending us security updates, including 0-day research. For Asset Monitoring, we now push out tests more frequently at record speed within 25 minutes from hacker to scanner. Due to confidentially agreements, we cannot publicize all security update...

/ November 30, 2020

learn Python, Hacking, Linux, CCNA…..hurry!! (6 deals you don’t want to miss)

6 deals you don’t want to miss if you’re interested in learning python, hacking, linux, networking, AWS….or anything in IT! (affiliate links below) ⚡1. Codecademy: (25% off) -Learn python, javascript….everything ⚡2. Pluralsight: (40% off) -IT training library with...

/ November 27, 2020

Black Friday 2020 Deals Update

More Black Friday deals have been released now that BF is officially here. In this video, I show you all the sales I’ve found for software tools that I use regularly. I even have walkthrough videos for most of them...

/ November 27, 2020

shut up and just DO it!! (IT certifications)

Shut UP! JUST DO IT!! Stop waiting to schedule your exam, stop making excuses….schedule your exam RIGHT NOW!! ——————- I’m taking my own advice, just scheduled the CCNP ENCOR exam. *Affiliate links below CCNP ENCOR Study Tools ————————————————— ►Coffee:

/ November 25, 2020

Continuously Hack Yourself because WAF security is not enough

Have the WAF security companies got you thinking that a firewall is enough? In a modern landscape, development and security move faster, and so do web application vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, WAF doesn’t prevent many of these events, and hackers of all...

/ November 25, 2020

Complete Sendinblue Email Marketing Tutorial (Covering All Features)

In this Sendinblue email marketing tutorial, I’m going to show you everything you get with a Sendinblue account. I think you’ll be amazed at all the features at your fingertips. The coolest part is, most of the features I’m going...

/ November 25, 2020

Black Friday 2020 WordPress Software And Tools

Black Friday is here again. In this video, I show you all the sales I’ve found for software tools that I use regularly. I even have walkthrough videos for most of them on this channel. If you’ve been saving up...

/ November 24, 2020

what is Cisco DevNet? SD-WAN? SD-Access? // ft Jason Gooley

Jason Gooley is an expert on all things SD-WAN, DevNet, SD-Access and has the books to prove it! Got questions about these technologies? We probably answered them here. Jason’s Books: -DevNet Associate: -SD-WAN: -CCNP ENCOR: -Cisco SDA:...

/ November 24, 2020

How To Use Code Snippets Without A Plugin In WordPress

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use code snippets in —, check out my plugin killer playlist: By learning this one simple skill we can eliminate plugins from our site that collectively have millions of...

/ November 23, 2020

i LOVE this switch!! // Cisco Enterprise Switch for SMALL business (Catalyst 1000 series)

Get this switch: (affiliate) The Cisco Catalyst 1000 series switch… enterprise grade switch for small-medium sized businesses. This is KILLER! *Sponsored by Cisco Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series Switches (on Amazon) ————————————————— 8 Port: (affiliate) 16 Port: (affiliate)...

/ November 21, 2020

you’re about to get hacked!! (7 reasons why) // FREE Security+ // EP 6

Ready to get Security+ certified?? Get 10% off training and exam vouchers at the CompTIA store: (affiliate) *Sponsored by CompTIA 🔥🔥Can you name that HACK?: 🔥🔥Learn more about CompTIA Training: Security+ Episode 6 ————————————————— This is episode...

/ November 20, 2020