Smaller Changes to the Code at Once 

One of the biggest benefits of CI/CD is that it allows you to work on small parts of the code at a time. This is far easier and much more manageable than trying to organize a massive overhaul and is much easier to fix later on if there is a contradicting issue.

You can test the changes much faster and can recognize issues faster. Working in small pieces allows you to offer a more stable, robust software tool than waiting months or years between large updates. 

Faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) 

Customers expect fast results when there is a bug or major break in their software. MTTR helps you track how long it takes to repair features on average, and CI/CD consistently works to reduce MTTR as a whole. It is an excellent solution to help minimize software failures and to speed up fixes before sending them out. 

Improve Transparency and Accountability 

CI/CD allows you to obtain continuous feedback. This feedback can help you do better for your customers, and it can actually help you better lead your team. You will be able to better understand who did what, allowing you to focus and fix issues within your team and better recognize the stars

Reduced Cost of Operation 

CI/CD consistently takes less time than other options and in business, time will always equate to money. By reducing the time it takes to send out updates and fix bugs you can free up your developers for other jobs. From working on the next product to adding a whole new feature, there are many things that your team will be better off doing. 

Improve Security

Regular security updates are one of the best and most efficient means to secure your software from outside threats. CI/CD makes it easier and faster to update security features and code across all your products. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction 

By far the most important benefit is that it improves customer satisfaction and their confidence in your brand. Everyone expects software to fail and be buggy at least once in a while, but if you can fix those issues fast, and if you use CI/CD to minimize the issues, to begin with, you will have put together a much better product as a whole.

It is far more important to provide a stable product than one with all the bells and whistles and that latter software continues to break down. 

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Posted by Charlie