Chrome 106 Released – Google Fixed 20 Security Bugs – Update Now!

The Chrome web browser was recently updated to a new stable version released by Google. Google Chrome’s updated version Chrome 106 offers a number of brand-new features and improvements, and it also includes a number of security updates.

The new version of Chrome 106 has been already released by Google to the stable channel for all the major platforms:-

  • Windows (Chrome 106.0.5249.61/62)
  • Mac (Chrome 106.0.5249.61)
  • Linux (Chrome 106.0.5249.61)

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In the course of hours, days, or even weeks, the update will be rolled out to all devices throughout the world in phases. 

Security fixes


This update contains 20 security fixes that have been applied to Chrome 106 Stable so far. As usual, the official release notes only include a list of security issues that were reported externally to the developers. 

There are different levels of security ratings, the highest being high. There have been at least five security issues that have been publicly disclosed. These five flaws were rated as high, while the remaining have been rated between medium and low.

Here below we have mentioned those five high severity security vulnerabilities:-

  • CVE-2022-3304: Use after free in CSS.
  • CVE-2022-3201: Insufficient validation of untrusted input in Developer Tools.
  • CVE-2022-3305: Use after free in Survey.
  • CVE-2022-3306: Use after free in Survey.
  • CVE-2022-3307: Use after free in Media.

There seem to be no exploits in the wild that take advantage of any of the issues. The release notes for this version do not mention anything about that.

New Features

The improvements that Chrome 106 has to offer are largely hidden under the hood, just like those that were found in Chrome 105.

Here below we have mentioned all the major features of Chrome 106:-

  • You will find it easier on the desktop to search your history and bookmarks.
  • Partial translation on the desktop.
  • A new RSS reader for the desktop is in the process of being developed.
  • The pop-ups should be less obnoxious.
  • Improved localization.

Update Now

To speed up the installation of the Chrome 106 update, Chrome users can load the following URL in the address bar of the browser:-

  • chrome://settings/help

Whenever you open this webpage in Chrome, it will display the current version and automatically check for any updates that have been released.

Users can also follow these simple steps to update their Chrome:-

  • First of all, go to Menu.
  • Then select the Help option.
  • After that, you have to select “About Google Chrome.”

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