Today, we’re excited to announce an overhaul of the HackerOne Program Directory! Since its launch, Hackers have been using the Program Directory to find new hackable targets. 

To make it even easier for hackers to find programs, we improved the listview and added more helpful program information, made it easier to sort and filter, and improved the usability and user experience overall. 

The page is also 4x faster. Snappy. 

New metrics to make informed decisions

We added a couple of new metrics to the Program Directory for better-informed decisions on where to focus. The addition of Launch Date, Response Efficiency and Bounty Averages allow you to get a better overview of a program at a glance.

New program overview

We also added the ability to order the directory on any of the metrics shown, to give you more control over your search for the perfect program to hack. 

New filter sidebar for better discovery

New Directory filters

The asset type filter allows you to find the right program for desired areas of expertise. Thanks to Structured Scopes feature even more filters and programs will be added as time goes on. One of the most notable changes in the new Directory is the introduction of the filter sidebar. This sidebar enables you to easily filter on program features like the Internet Bug Bounty, bounty programs, or invite-only programs. This allows you to quickly find the programs you like 

What else do you want to see?

We’d love to have you answer a few questions on our survey for ideas you have on how to make the Program Directory page even better. 

And stay tuned here for more updates on features, we’re cooking up a number of new and improved features. 

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Posted by Charlie