Grim Finance hacked - $30 million worth of tokens stolen

Attacker’s address

“The attacker attacked using the function titled beforeDeposit() from our vault strategy entering a malicious token contract,” the Grim team said.

Although, all vaults have been paused Grim Finance is allowing users to withdraw their funds by unpausing some.

Additionally, the Grim team has contacted Circle (USDC), DAI, and AnySwap regarding the attacker’s address to potentially freeze any further fund transfers.

Grim Finance is yet another addition to the list of crypto platforms that have suffered massive security breaches. On November 8th, hackers managed to steal $55 million worth of cryptocurrency from DeFi lender bZx through a phishing attack. 

In another attack, on December 17th, the Ascendex cryptocurrency exchange announced it was hacked and attackers stole a whopping $77 million by exploiting a vulnerability to access its hot wallets.

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