<Note: This is the last in a six-part series expanding on the “key findings” of the Hacker-Powered Security Report 2017. Based on data gathered from over 800 hacker-powered security programs, plus surveys of both those managing the programs and the participating hackers, the report provides striking new insights to help more organizations understand and implement hacker-powered security.>

Everyone should be focused on the security of their data and systems, from the mom-and-pop store down the street to the biggest multinational enterprises with security budgets in the tens of millions of dollars. All organizations have vulnerabilities, known or unknown, that put their data, revenue, brand, and products at risk.

Hacker-Powered Security Report Key Finding #6: security vulnerabilities worry companies the most.

The Hacker-Powered Security Report found that 73 percent of companies surveyed say they are concerned about vulnerabilities being exploited. And while it’s interesting to see that more than one-quarter of companies are not worried about vulnerabilities being exploited, that most companies are is a sure sign that security is top of mind.

The report also asked 600 HackerOne customers about how they’re combating and preventing potential breaches. Most see hacker-powered security as a key tool, with 95 percent saying they’d recommend hacker-powered security to their peers at other companies. It’s efficient, it’s cost-effective, and it gets results, they stated in responses.

Additionally, 78 percent said they work with hackers to better protect customers, while 72 percent say they work with hackers to protect their technology and brand. A majority of customers also added that working with hackers is now a security best practice, and because it boosts internal teams and helps identify vulnerabilities.

So what’s next for hacker-powered security? You’ll have to download the Hacker-Powered Security Report to read our predictions. And, if you missed the first five posts in this series, start here at #1.

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