Microsoft has reported a recent attack that has been implemented by a Russian hacking group named NOBELIUM. And according to the report, this hacking group has targetted users from Britain, Canada, United States, Germany, and 32 other countries.

Luckily the targetted attack was not successful, the experts of the Microsoft team have affirmed that the targetted users were not hacked and they have obtained a bunch of information on three hacked organizations.

After investigating the attack, the security analysts came to know that the threat actors have used the info gleaned from the tools for implementing their attack. 

Here, the main motive of the threat actors for initiating such attacks is to begin “highly targeted” attacks on distinct customers of Microsoft.

Hackers Gain Access To The Microsoft Networks 

While investigating the whole procedure, that has been implemented by the threat actors, the experts came to know many key details regarding the attack. 

However, they asserted that the threat actors have used information-stealing trojan in one of the computer systems of the agent of Microsoft customer support.

Apart from this, the threat actors of the NOBELIUM hacking group have also used the information of the customers that they have collected in many phishing attacks. 

And it has been also cleared by the security researchers in their report that these threat actors have also obtained access to information regarding the subscription services of Microsoft.

Recent Activity of NOBELIUM hackers

Moreover, this is not the first time that NOBELIUM is initiating such an attack; as this hacking group has different names like The Dukes, APT29, Cozy Bear. 

This group has been connected with many attacks and also initiated attacks like the SolarWinds supply chain attack that compromised numerous US companies.

Among them, this attack was one of the recent attacks of this hacking group that has overwhelmed many US government agencies along with Cisco, Malwarebytes, Mimecast, Microsoft, FireEye.

In April the US government finally took the decision to formally accuse the Russian government, since most of the attacks were initiated by the Russian hacking group.

Apart from this, the threat actors from this hacking group have also compromised the Continuous Contact account for USAID. 

But, Microsoft has immediately informed each and every user of the company regarding the attack and how the attackers tried to hack, after identifying the key details of the attack. 

So, all these activities are clearly demonstrated that the members of this hacking group are active again, but, the researchers have claimed that during this attack, the corporation was got attacked itself.

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Posted by Charlie