RansomEXX Gang Hacked Ferrari

An Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, Ferrari was hit by ransomware. The RansomEXX gang claims to have hacked Ferrari, more than 7 GB of data, including internal documents, datasheets, and repair manuals have been stolen.

The car manufacturer says that there is no evidence of the data breach and no disruption to the business due to the ransomware attack.

On the other hand, Ferrari said that it was working to identify how the documents were made public and that appropriate actions would be taken as needed.


Corriere della Sera newspaper, citing the Italian website the Red Hot Cyber, reported that the luxury carmaker had been a victim of a cyber attack.

RansomEXX data leak site statement

The data that is made available and freely downloadable are 7GB. The cyber attack was first reported by the Italian website Red Hot Cyber stated that the ransomware gang RansomEXX claimed to have breached the popular car maker on its Tor leak site.

Freely Downloadable Files from Undergrounds

So far the source of these documents remains unclear. Earlier, the attack by Everest ransomware allegedly hacked Speroni Spa’s systems. The company is part of the supply chain of multiple car makers including Ferrari.

Reports say, 850 GB of the company’s data, including customer and employee data, technical data, financial documents, bank statements, and other very important documents were put up for sale after the attack.

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