Warning as small planes found vulnerable to hacking

 Talos researchers explained the attack scenario in their blog post, which read:

“An attacker could manipulate this module to remotely monitor statistics on the metal detector, such as whether the alarm has been triggered or how many visitors have walked through. They could also make configuration changes, such as altering the sensitivity level of a device, which potentially poses a security risk to users who rely on these metal detectors.”

How to Mitigate the Threat?

Researchers stated that users of vulnerable metal detectors could mitigate the threat by simply updating their iC modules and installing the latest firmware version. The company notified Garrett in August and the issues were fixed on December 13, 2021.

“Talos tested and confirmed that the Garrett Metal Detectors iC Module CMA, version 5.0, could be exploited by these vulnerabilities. Users should update to the latest version of the firmware as soon as possible,” Talos’ researchers wrote in their report.

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Posted by Charlie