Two Iranian Hackers Charged For Gaining Access to Confidential Voter Information

The US department of justice has recently announced that they are awarding a $10 million prize for reporting the two Iranian hackers who are blamed and charged for intimidating, provoking, manipulating, influencing, and gaining access to the confidential voter information of American voters throughout the 2020 US presidential campaign.

The two Iranian hackers, Seyyed Kazemi and Sajjad Kashian are claimed for transmitting harassing emails to Democratic voters in Florida. 

While it has also been claimed that the voters are being threatened to physically hurt them if they do vote for President Donald Trump.

And not only this, even both the Iranian hackers, Seyyed Kazemi and Sajjad Kashian has tried to break into 11 state voter registration and in the websites that have all kinds of data.

According to the DOJ report, Both the threat actors used the data that they have stolen to spread misleading news through Facebook and email that says that the Democratic Party was preparing to interpose in the elections by hacking voter registration sites.

Both the defendants are not yet arrested, but the expert believed that they are in Iran, but US officials expect that the charges and penalties will decrease their ability for further movements.

Four Components

Here below we have mentioned the four key components:-

  • The conspiracy members have conducted surveillance in September and October 2020, and they have also tried to negotiate nearly eleven state voter websites, that include state voter registration websites and state voter information websites.
  • The conspiracy members claimed to be a group of Proud Boys volunteers in October 2020, and later they have also sent several false Facebook messages and emails to the Republican Senators, Republican members of Congress. They also sent many individuals linked with the Presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, White House advisors.
  • The associates got involved in an online voter coercion campaign in October 2020, and this campaign involves some threatening messages. However, it is expected that the messages came from the Proud Boys to tens of thousands of registered voters.
  • While the day after the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, on November 4, 2020, the associates tried to leverage previous September and October 2020 interventions into an American media company’s computer networks. 

Moreover, the Justice Ministry affirmed that the two defendants “are experienced computer hackers from Iran” and operated as entrepreneurs for a data security company Emennet Pasargad.

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Posted by Charlie