No, we’re not talking about the Guns N’ Roses hit song “Welcome to the Jungle” (though we will have some fun and games); we’re talking about Synack’s booth at Black Hat 2022, “It’s a Jungle Out There,” in Las Vegas, Aug. 10-11. 

Keeping your organization’s assets and networks secure in today’s threat landscape is like trying to survive in the jungle. Instead of evading jaguars and anacondas, you’re managing an expanding and complex attack surface, a remote workforce and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. From your vantage, can you tell the difference between a hungry tiger or a friendly tapir? Synack can help. 

Visit Synack’s lush jungle experience at Booth #2328 for some respite from the brouhaha of Black Hat and learn about our suite of offensive security testing, including a better way to pentest. 

Head to our Adventure Desk to start your Synack adventure, where you’ll receive a checklist for our booth engagements and a special swag item at each! From there, you can start or end your day with our trick bartenders, who will be serving up smoothies in the morning and jungle juice cocktails in the afternoon. 

Our booth activities include: 

  • The Synack Demo Pod will have our platform experts to guide you around the Synack Platform, answer your questions and show you why Synack provides the best way to pentest. 
  • The Conversation Pit is where you can find Synack reps to start your journey exploring how you can augment your organization’s current talent with the 1,500 members of the Synack Red Team. 
  • In the Cave, we’re hosting seven different 15-minute talks, featuring members of our Synack Red Team, to cover the latest cyber challenges and share common issues that they’ve seen, such as unusual authentication bypass techniques and IOC detection. 

Outside the booth, we’re hosting a whiskey tasting with Microsoft, a 9-hole golf tournament, and meetings with our executive team in our hospitality suite. When your adventure winds down, the jungle of cyberthreats won’t seem as daunting. We can’t wait to see you at Black Hat! 

Posted by Charlie