WildPressure APT Hackers Uses New Malware to Attack Both Windows & macOS Operating Systems

WildPressure has been attacking Windows for a long time, that’s why this is not the first time when Windows and macOS operating systems are being attacked by such malicious trojan.

However, in 2019 Kaspersky had detected a malicious trojan named “Milum” that has been used by the threat actors of WildPressure. 

Since then Kaspersky has been tracking the Milum Trojan, and recently the threat actors have used a newer version of this Trojan to attack both Windows and macOS operating systems.

According to the report, WildPressure was initially noted in March 2020 based on a malware operation assigning a fully-featured C++ Trojan “Milum”.

The Trojan generally allows the threat actors to obtain remote control of the devices that have been compromised in the attack.

Why it’s known as Milum & it’s of interest?

During an investigation, the experts came out with some key details regarding the attack. According to the analysis, the word ‘milum’ is applied in the C++ class names that are present inside the malware, thus the trojan was named Milum.

Apart from this, another point is that this malware generally exports lots of Zlib concentration functions, like zlibVersion(), inflate(), or deflate(). 

Even the researchers also noted that all these concentration functions are needed for C2 communication, but in the case of standalone applications, exportation does not require.

Who was attacked & who’s behind it?

The Milum trojan has initially attacked the operating system of Windows and macOS, and it has been attacking the system since 2019. After investigating the attack, the experts noted that a vast majority of IPs belong to the Middle East.

Not only this, but the experts have also pronounced that they believe that network scanners, TOR exit nodes, or VPN connections also belonged to the Middle East.

However, the analysts, yet not confirmed that who is behind this attack, but they are trying their best to find each key detail. 

Moreover, the researchers also claimed that it is quite difficult to find that who was behind this, as the threat actors have used a very common C++ code.

Apart from this the analysis also affirmed that the configuration data and communication protocol that the malware has used in the attack are base64-encoded JSON-formatted configuration.

And all the data that has been hijacked were stored in the binary’s resource section and it has been analyzed with Standard Template Library (STL) functions. 

As the investigation is going the experts are discovering the key details, such as the WildPressure also used Python as a programming language for its malware in this attack. 

So, that’s why they declared that they will keep monitoring the malware closely until and unless they don’t get all the information.

Indicators of compromise

Files MD5
Original file names are Milum46_Win32.exe; on the target side they exist as system32.exe


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Posted by Charlie