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First, let’s address the elephant in the room

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So who is operating these extraordinary vehicles more and more frequently violating US airspace? Here is a transcript of 

Luis Elizondo the former director of the US pentagon Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) words and words.

  1. we are 99% sure it is not foreign adversarial technology
  2. so that one leaves one other option its someone or something else

If there are observations of human superior technology roaming US airspace confirmed by nobody less than the US president. The former commander of the strongest military on Earth.

Then In my humble opinion. The already nonzero probability that we are not alone in the universe due to these now US government confirmed sightings did suddenly become somewhat higher.

So let’s discuss this now clearly not zero possibility and possible consequences of it.

What can we deduce about them just from our own observations of laws that seem to govern the universe?

If they evolved from the simplest life forms on their planet as we did

What do we know is true for all known and even the simplest life forms?

Constant fight for limited resources in order to survive and grow.

1. Aliens probably had limited resources during development too

What survival strategies will self-emerge fast even in simplest observed real or simulated life forms? Survival by beating competition via Assimilation or Elimination.

2. Aliens probably had to survive competition too

Evolution we observe daily is driven by competition for those limited resources. Those who had grown faster legs or bigger teeth to get to the limited resources survived and grown at expense of those who didn’t. Creating different tiers and hierarchies or as we call it. A food-chain.

3. Aliens then clearly would be part of for us now a much larger food-chain hierarchy

Due to evolution naturally producing food hierarchy of slow fellas being eaten by faster fellas. In an ever-present food chain. Lifeforms are, and always were, just another form of a limited resource.

Cow and TRex are no different. It is just one bunch of cells eating another bunch of cells on different evolutionary level

4. Aliens probably had a history full of Wars too

War is just a different name for limited resources competition and the manifestation of selfish gene strategy that many living things share. You can clearly see the history of the competition in this video of the country’s border movement. The same population growth and border movement that you can observe in the petri dish with multiple types of bacteria

[embedded content]

As we speak evolution drives all known lifeforms to gain and improve competitive advantage in competition with all kinds of weapons

5. Aliens then probably have weapons development history too

Observe animals that grow mechanical claws jaws ripping the opponent’s heads off left and right, or chemical ones with all kinds of toxins or poisons. Observe power hierarchies of ants, chemical weapons of ants, wars of ants. Perhaps war is a side product of evolution and this buck surely doesn’t stop with Earth.

We thought we were on top of the earth and solar system food chain until the pentagon actually confirmed the direct or indirect presence of a much more technologically sophisticated civilization right here on earth.

It would be naive to expect that the way the food chain and evolution works is radically different in levels above humans and outside of our solar system

Alien Contact will maybe happen sooner than later


Big rise in army verified sightings. Our Accelerated moon and mars bases ambitions and the planet on brink of destruction.

The fact that we are still here most probably means we are not considered a threat yet.

Considering our violent human history and our careless destructive behavior to our precious planet. Consuming planets resources and surface as a glowing fungus. It is not unreasonable that we are most probably considered as some sort of aggressive plague. A plague so far still contained by our planet bounds.

Perhaps we are safe as long as Elons cans keep blowing up serving as a good source of laugh for fellas in saucers.

The important question we need to ask ourselves is.

What will happen if we start building base on the moon and on the mars before we get our racist bigot environment destroying selfish gene shit together?


Whatever more advanced civilization is watching us now.

It is surely probably thinking…

a. let’s increase the scale of our human threat assessment to match their equally increased effort to become multi-planetary. While they are not a threat to us but to lesser evolved but resource-rich life forms out there they surely will. Let’s show and demonstrate our cruisers to their navy cruisers as a deterrent signal.

b. this zoo on earth is locally rare and beautiful and should be protected from those crazy planet-destroying apes.

c. perhaps, trade them technology boost with economy and environment just before they destroy themself? If they give up multi-planetary ambitions in return until they are morally ready?

d. nah, let’s just continue mining the rare unobtanium deposits they have no idea about

e. let’s continue monitoring and improving our evolution acceleration experiments and pick a better candidate for round 3 A hamsters perhaps ;D?

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