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What do basketball and cybersecurity have in common?

Let’s take a curious look at the link between these two seemingly different avenues when it comes to hidden threats.

Cybersecurity and Hidden Threats

So many of us take the stability of DNS for granted. Be it the Fastly software bug that reminded us of the DYN attack from several years ago. While it appears that the Fastly situation was a software bug uncovered from a customer, bugs and zero-days can keep us up at night.

Ransomware is also a big factor to consider these days. We’ve read countless stories about the Colonial Pipeline attack, with the follow-up of hacking the hackers’ Bitcoin wallet proving a new ripple into a story shrouded in mystery.

Whatever attack vector – trying to beat hackers at their own game is the game. Being proactive in this state is an ever-advancing challenge, but an important one nonetheless to stay one step ahead.

The Basketball Side

It’s my belief that many people become enamored with big flashy stats. In the world of basketball, it’s entirely possible to be the highest individual scorer of a game and still lose the game.

Basketball should be looked at through the Moneyball lens of perception that is all about efficiency and accuracy.

An often overlooked stat in the NBA and WNBA is the 50-40-90 club: the ultimate test of accuracy.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 50% field goal percentage
  • 40% three-point field goal percentage
  • 90% free throw percentage

Only 8 NBA and 1 WNBA player(s) have ever achieved this milestone. Just shy of the 50-40-90 club is Tobias Harris, who yet again has been snubbed for the All-Star Team, all the while having career highs and being a high-performer in the post-season – proving that he is a force of nature to be reckoned with.

To identify the hidden threat before it’s too late – learn more in the visual deep dive below:

Brian Wallace Hacker Noon profile pictureBrian Wallace Hacker Noon profile picture


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