The last few months we have put a lot of effort in improving our backend. From the outside the main change is the new format for the reports. The reports now contains both better and more data than before. Here are some highlight from the changes.

Clear finding summary

We have made a summary for each finding which highlights more clearly what is vulnerable and to what. This include a basic overview of the vulnerability with location, severity, a description and an increasing list of remediation tips.

Report top

This short summary is most of the time all that is needed to understand and patch a finding.

Access to more details

It’s now possible to see exactly what was sent to a server and what it responded with. This sometimes makes it easier to understand the problem, recreate a finding and remediate the vulnerability.

Report details

New vulnerability tests

And as always a new set of vulnerabilities and improvements for existing tests are included.

A bright future

This was a first step towards a lot of changes that are coming. We have completely changed the data model and the architecture. This will make it much easier for us to build additional services for e.g. monitoring and integrations with your favorite tools. Keep an eye out for future updates!

Just login and run a new scan to check it out! Old reports will keep the old format

Posted by Charlie