Triage is just as important to security teams as it is to hospital workers. Now, you can prioritize and remediate web application vulnerabilities even faster with tags and findings in one view for Detectify Deep Scan and Asset Monitoring. 

For the past couple of months, one of Detectify’s product teams has been working relentlessly on improving how customers consume security vulnerability findings. As different results have different severity levels, it’s essential to have a clear overview of the most critical vulnerabilities, prioritize and fix them as soon as possible. 

“High severity vulnerabilities are critical and could break a business. With this update, we aim to help our customers prioritize vulnerabilities faster through clever filtering, which lets you focus on what’s important to you. We provide the data, but it’s up to you to decide what you want to see and do with the findings. This is closely tied to our vision at Detectify: drive the future of Internet security,” says Vendela Engblom, Product Owner at Detectify.

The new vulnerabilities page contains:

  • Deep Scan vulnerability findings
  • Asset Monitoring vulnerability findings
  • Filters that help you narrow down your view to what is the most important 
  • Sortable columns to help prioritize better
  • Details that help you understand the finding better as well as resources on how to fix it
  • A simple search field
  • And Tags so you can individualize your security process

Detectify vulnerability findings

Just two clicks to your vulnerability findings

The new and updated view lets you quickly, in just two clicks, see vulnerability findings’ details coming from both products, Deep Scan and Asset Monitoring. 

Prioritize better 

Accessing both product findings in one place makes it easier to decide what’s essential and where you should focus your teams’ efforts. 

Tag your findings

The tagging system helps you look through findings and tag them to group things in ways that are important to you. For example, you might want to clarify that a finding has been verified or assign the finding to a team. 

Fix vulnerabilities faster

Knowing what the most critical vulnerabilities for your environment are is the first step. Getting the information on how to fix them – is the latter. We accompany you during both of these steps so you can fix vulnerabilities faster.

Increase productivity of different teams 

Vulnerability findings page will enable your dev teams to know what to work on next and will provide a more productive way of looking at what security problems should be fixed first. For collaboration and transparency, your developers will be able to share the same vulnerability findings view across their team. How will it help your central security teams? They will be able to have a more straightforward delegation process when fixing vulnerabilities. 

Get your findings in one place with Detectify

To sum up, with the new vulnerabilities page look and functionality, you’ll be able to understand better, prioritize, triage, and fix critical vulnerabilities faster. Why don’t you start your free 2-week trial with Detectify and get a complete overview of your web app security today?

Posted by Charlie